Three Probable Scenarios.

I am doing this review because of the numerous calls I have gotten in recent time. Calls like ‘ken, I heard Bitcoin is going up, should I buy?’ …

What If Trump Loses?

Opening Quote:
“ Whenever someone calls you an Idiot for taking a stand that is different from their’s, remember that everyone is an Idiot in someone else’s mind”

Today is the last day at the Polls. If there are no counting delays, the winner of the…


Governments around the world are talking about a possible second wave of COVID19 even when many businesses/households are yet to recover from the effects of the recent lockdowns. Will 2021 be another year of lockdowns like 2020? I sincerely hope not. …

The summary of the concept of trading the financial market is that trading is basically a pattern recognition game.

The price of a trading instrument is always in a constant and continuous flow of ups, downs and sideways movements.

The duty of the trader is to identify patterns or movement…

Reflections of a Resilient Trader (Part 1)

My Worst Trading Mistake- Turning $1000 into $6200 in my first week of trading Forex.

Bitcoin was my gateway into the financial markets. I stumbled upon it in mid 2016 on some blog. And being the crazy risk taker that I am…

Ken Akure

I'm a resilient human. I trade FX & Crypto. I teach & write about trading & life. The intersection of trading and key areas of human existence fascinates me.

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