Someone asked me, “why do you talk so much about trading the financial markets, isn’t that an already saturated field?’’

I, in turn, asked him a question, ‘There are already so many books in the world, yet about 2.2 million books are published every year. Isn’t the world already saturated with books?

While he was cudgelling his brain for an answer, I asked him yet another question. “There are already so many musicians in Nigeria, But why do we keep having new artistes and hit songs each year?

The answer is simple — Authenticity.

I talk about trading because it is a field that interests and excites me.
No one can view the markets from my unique perspective.
No one can explain trading concepts the way I will.
No one can tell my trading Story (the good, the bad and the ugly) the way I will.
I understand this hence, my only competition is to be the very best version of myself.

Whatever field/topic that interests you, you should not only practice but also share your unique perspective. Because by not sharing your knowledge and experience you will be denying many the opportunity to learn from your challenges, mistakes and failures as well as from your discoveries & triumphs.

Now back to trading.
Whether you are someone looking to learn how to trade the markets in the near future or you are already a veteran trader, I am sure we will get to learn a thing or two from each other as we go along.

For enquiries about the upcoming Fx training event on 10/11/2020, do hit me up.